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Resume: Davison resume - Marketing.pdf

Highlights. I have been a full-time business writer since 1996, beginning as an industry research writer for Merrill Lynch. I am a creative and uncommonly productive writer with solid design skills. In my last full-time position, for the Leigh Bureau, a high-end speakers bureau (www.leighbureau.com), I led the creative team that wrote and designed all the firm’s marketing communications, including all web content, catalogs, brochures, and digital media. I have four times launched a business’s communications presence from scratch or, in one case, from ‘cold ash’ (after the collapse of the department’s previous leadership). I have led the marketing/communications team for two firms. I have overseen the redesign of a website and developed a marketing strategy for online social media. I am a trained and seasoned public speaker.


I have helped several startups develop their marketing platforms, including web content, print brochures and other print media, and stationery and business documents.

I helped launch Trilogy Capital Management, a boutique investment fund, creating all its corporate identity pieces, a monthly newsletter and portfolio performance report, and white papers describing the theory and operation of the firm’s proprietary technical trading system.

In my most recent position at a high-end speakers bureau, I developed the firm’s advisory services communications platform and then spent six of my eight and a half years there managing the creative team that coordinated, designed and wrote all web content and marketing collateral. At the Leigh Bureau, where understanding the needs of both internal and external audiences was my primary task, I revolutionized the speaker bio (www.leighbureau.com/mcgonigal), developing a structure and format for this essential marketing tool that is unique in the industry. I also created the PLOG (Publication LOG) for the home page that highlights the “Substance” provided by the bureau’s “Speakers of SubstanceTM” (the company’s motto), among other marketing innovations.

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Web Content, Maintenance & Design

Resume: Davison resume - Web Content

Highlights. I wrote and designed all content, both text and images, for the website of a high-end speakers bureau (www.LeighBureau.com) comprising hundreds of pages. I have five years' experience managing a data-based driven CMS and experience managing other content management systems. I currently serve as webmaster for two nonprofits, writing and designing all content and managing their CMSs. I have a certificate in Web Design & Development from Rutgers University and I know HTML, CSS, Dreamweaver and Flash. I designed, wrote and published this website.


For the Leigh Bureau, I developed an innovative, user-centered approach to content style that remains unique in the public speaking industry, using highlights and indents to make the content more memorable and more accessible to the kind of quick-scan reading that users use for websites.

I created the PLOG for the Leigh Bureau site, a Publication LOG that highlighted the speakers' writings, bringing to the foreground the substance for which the company's speakers were known; "Speakers of Substance" was the firm's motto.

I played central roles in two projects to redesign the website. For the first project, I coordinated all in-house activities in liaison with the design house and code shop. For the second project, never implemented, I co-designed the remake of the entire website with my assistant.

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Business & Finance

Resume: Davison resume – Finance.pdf

Highlights. I have been a full-time business and finance writer since 1996, beginning as an industry research writer for Merrill Lynch. I helped launch a boutique investment fund called Trilogy Capital Management, where I designed and wrote all marketing and client communications content. I am very proficient in Excel and have a special talent for presenting technical information and analysis clearly and engagingly.

Trilogy Capital Management—financial marketing, reporting and analysis. Trilogy used a proprietary technical trading system to invest in futures contracts in a portfolio of twenty-five commodities and bond, equity and currency indexes. I developed all of Trilogy’s communications documents, including an identity brochure, a capabilities document, white papers explaining the theory and the operations of the trading system, monthly investor performance reports and other collaterals. For the performance reports, I did fundamentals research plus risk and return performance analysis for the portfolio in Excel, presenting the returns data and writing commentary explaining the factors driving the results I was reporting. I designed all the documents and, except for editing the portfolio manager’s monthly message, I wrote all the content.

Merrill Lynch—financial product development. For Merrill Lynch I led the team that wrote researched industry overviews for more than a hundred industries for its Business Financial Planner product. These overviews were digests of research on recent industry economic performance and projections, trends, new technologies, and regulation. I also helped create Merrill Lynch’s Nonprofit Financial Planner, working closely with financial analysts to develop the boilerplate text explaining the clients’ survey results and recommendations for finance—lines of credit, company valuation, benefits packages and other areas.

The Leigh Bureau—macroeconomic study. The Leigh Bureau (my previous employer) represented a number of first-tier economists and economics journalists—people like Paul Krugman, Nouriel Roubini, Robert Shiller, Martin Wolf, and Gillian Tett—and my job involved reading their books and ongoing media output and presenting it to our sales team and to potential customers. For years, therefore, I was constantly steeped in economic and financial analysis.

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Proposal Writing

Resume: Davison resume - Proposal writing

Highlights. Seasoned writer with strong business proposal writing experience, management experience, and success writing grant proposals. Special talent for collaborating with colleagues and managers, with customers and with the clients for whom I write proposals. Formal training in proposal writing.


I helped launch the communications platform for an advisory services business (W. Colston Leigh, Inc. Advisory Services LLC), working closely with clients and the in-house director of advisory services to develop the products themselves and writing and designing all the proposals. These proposals generated several million dollars worth of revenue over a little more than two years. I coordinated with the advisory services director and customers to gather the necessary information and I developed the library of pre-formulated boilerplate responses. I tracked the progress of the proposals, which often produced multiple contracts with their own timelines, deliverables and payment schedules, and routinely stretched over six to nine months.

I am extremely proficient in MS Office, Acrobat and Adobe’s Creative Suite. I am especially good at presenting technical information with both words and attractive, accessible graphics. I took a course in proposal writing as part of the Certificate in Technical Writing that I earned from Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey.

I won two competitive writing scholarships based on proposals submitted for research projects in the humanities.

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Techincal Writing

Resume: Davison resume - Technical Writing

Highlights. I have broad experience in technical writing and document management, and experience working with subject matter experts and technical teams as the content provider. I have formal training as a technical writer, including a Certificate in Technical Writing from Middlesex County College, Edison, New Jersey. I have a special talent for presenting technical information and analysis with style and clarity and a fresh gift for attractive and accessible graphics, both of which are informed by the ideas of data presentation guru Edward Tufte.


I was the document manager and technical writer for the product development team for two Merrill Lynch products, the Business Financial Planner (BFP) and the Nonprofit Financial Planner (NFP), writing the process scripts and user manuals for both products . The manuals were used a) to direct financial analysts in inputting customer survey data and running the algorithms that produced reports and recommendations to the customer; and b), for training financial advisors in the field to conduct the surveys. I also worked in close partnership with the group’s technology team as the liaison from the content team as they developed the document assembly software. For the NFP, I was responsible for all document development, document management and the legal compliance process.

I have written procedure manuals for Rutgers University (Safety and Nuclear Materials Handling) and the Design and Construction document for a boutique investment fund (Trilogy Capital Management) that explained how the proprietary technical trading system worked. For Trilogy, I also conducted fundamentals research and technical portfolio performance research for the monthly performance reports to investors and wrote commentary explaining how the trading system and market behavior were affecting returns. I wrote business proposals and helped develop advisory services products for Leigh Advisory Services.

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Research Writing

Resume: Davison resume – Research Writing

Highlights. I have considerable experience as both a researcher and a research writer in business, finance and the humanities, and both skills and training in presenting data and analysis engagingly and clearly.

Merrill Lynch—business research. At Merrill Lynch I led the team that wrote Industry Overviews for their Business Financial Planner product. This involved digesting and interpreting research from Merrill Lynch, Standard & Poors, and other sources on past performance, forecasts of future performance, and trends in regional growth, technology and regulation, for more than 100 industries. For

Trilogy—financial research and commentary. At Trilogy Capital Management, a boutique investment fund, I conducted portfolio performance research and research in market fundamentals for monthly performance reports to investors. I also wrote white papers and design and construction documents explaining the fund’s investment philosophy and how and why our proprietary technical trading system worked.

Personal research in the humanities. I currently have one nonfiction book in proposal to publishers by a literary agency and two more in proposal development that are based on my own independent research in history and religion. I have won two competitive scholarships to pursue research writing projects.

Skills. I have an advanced level of proficiency in Excel and a special talent for presenting data and technical material in tables, charts, and other graphic formats that are attractive, clean, and clear. I have attended Edward Tufte's seminar on Visual Evidence Design and read his books. I have an aptitude for math and a background in science (chemistry).

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Nonprofit Communications

Resume: Davison resume - Nonprofits

Highlights. Experience in nonprofit governance and communications. Formal training in proposal writing and success writing grant proposals. Webmaster experience and knowledge of online social media.


I was for several years a trustee of the Sourland Planning Council, a nonprofit dedicated to preserving the Sourlands, the last remaining wilderness in central New Jersey; I still edit SPC's newsletter, Back Roads. (Click here for a sample issue.)

I have broad knowledge of organizational communications of all kinds, though no direct experience with public relations. I am a seasoned and formally trained public speaker, with lots of experience designing and presenting speeches, workshops and conferences of up to several days in length.

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Social Media Strategy

Resume: Davison resume - Social Media

Highlights. Experience in designing integrated strategies for online social media. Experience designing, writing and managing innovative web content. Familiar with both academic and professional thought leadership in social media, inlcuding the work of danah boyd, Mimi Ito, Nicholas Christakis and John Fowler, Tara Hunt, Don Tapscott, Tony Hsieh and Alan Moore (UK).


While at the Leigh Bureau, I developed (but was unable to fully implement) an integrated social media strategy that used a wide network of social media platforms, including Facebook, YouTube, Wikipedia, Technorati, LinkedIn, Twitter and various SEO efforts. Leigh Bureau 2.0 envisioned a network for two-way traffic between social media sites dedicated to the speakers and their work and the Leigh Bureau website. The strategy had two objectives: First, to present the Leigh Bureau and our speaker clients to the market and social media communities in a coherent and effectively branded program that optimized exposure of the company and its clients and enhanced the clients' appeal to potential customers. Second, to proactively recognize and capture interest in Leigh Bureau speakers as people visited social media platforms dedicated to the speakers, and then directing these visitors to the company's website.

The website. I was able to use the company website to facilitate greater customer exposure to the speakers' potential value by linking to their own social media sites in some instances, On the home page, I created the Daily PLOG—Publication LOG), a brief digest of links that directed visitors to the clients' new intellectual property, in the form of articles by and about them and their blog entries, in tune with the company's motto (Speakers of Substance), which defined its unique approach to the business speaking market. On speaker bio pages, I provided links to their blogs and YouTube videos.

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Information Design

Resume: Davison resume - Information Design

Highlights. Experience designing and writing technical reports and white papers. A special talent for presenting and interpreting technical information and analysis clearly and engagingly, and a fresh gift for creating attractive and accessible graphics, tables and charts. Student of Edward Tufte—I've read his books and attended one of his seminars and I consciously apply his principles to my work. Advanced expertise in Excel.

Accomplishments & Samples.

As head of marketing at the Leigh Bureau (a high-end speakers bureau), I developed a mind map approach to presenting the topic areas that our speakers could cover that is unique in the speaking industry. Click here to view a sample.

As head of communications at Trilogy Capital Management, I designed and cowrote white papers explaining how the firm's proprietary technical trading system worked and how it compared to other investment options. Here are three samples of this work:

Trilogy Sample 1
Trilogy Sample 2
Trilogy Sample 3


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