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W. Colston Leigh

Trilogy Capital Management

Merrill Lynch


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Writing professionally full-time since 1996.
Designing documents since 1998.
Webmaster since 2007.

W. Colston Leigh, Inc.

Head of Marketing & Communications

W. Colston Leigh, Inc. includes five businesses: three high-end speakers bureaus (for business in the US, the Euro zone, and international), plus an advisory services business and a literary agency.

I contributed to these companies in the following ways:

12-2000 to 07-2009

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Trilogy Capital Management

Head of Communications

Trilogy was a boutique investment fund (no longer in business) that invested in futures contracts for a basket of commodities, bond and equity indexes, and currencies, using a proprietary technical trading system.

I contributed to the company in the following ways:

09-1998 to 10-2000

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Merrill Lynch

Senior Specialist

For Merrill Lynch, I joined and then coordinated the team (three other writers) that wrote Industry Overviews for the group developing a new product aimed toward privately owned small and medium-sized businesses—the Business Financial Planner (BFP). I later wrote boilerplate documents for another new product, the Nonprofit Financial Planner (NFP).

I contributed to the group in the following ways:

08-1996 to 09-1998

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